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Feb 18, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Christ United Methodist Church,
716 Cave Mill Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104, USA

The theme for 2023 is UNIFY. 

Some say our world is more divided than ever. The Church has a Biblical responsibility to be a unifying force in our homes, communities, cities, and beyond. We are called to unify ourselves with Christ, and unify with one another because of Christ. 

Join us to become a catalyst for a revolution of supernatural unity, starting in our worship ministries. 

*For groups of 4 or more, buy one group ticket, and email the list of your attendees' names & email addresses to

  1. SKyPAC Choir: Singing with the People--

                         Morning session: Dr. Gerald Chafin, Lindsey Wilson

                         Afternoon session: Dr. Tony Cunha, Campbellsville University

  1. Children in Worship--Dr. Melody Kuphal, Hosanna! Church  & Mighty Kids

  2. Platforms and Pitfalls: Authentic Worship Leading for the Whole Team--David Rogers, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

  3. Worship and the Book of Revelation--Dr. Tom Seel, Liberty University

  4. Developing Worship Leaders--Titus Chapman, Life Community Church

  5. The Ideal Team Player--Dr. Alex Watkins, New Friendship  Baptist Church 

  6. The Best of Both Worlds: Bringing Contemporary and Traditional Worship Together--Dr. Jonathan Powers, Asbury University

  7. Worship in College--Nathan Ayers, CSF at WKU

  8. Tech Ministry Best Practices--Sweetwater

  9. Worship Ministry on a Shoestring Budget--Craig and Heather Bitterling, Arts Alive!


Unify your church

From age to musical style to cliques, there are a thousand ways for our churches to divide. In this panel, we'll talk about what more unified congregations would look like. How do we worship next to someone who is so different from us? What can we do as volunteers and pastors to combat division? 

On this panel: Dr. Melody Kuphal, Dr. Jonathan Powers, ​Lindsey Withers, Claude Airall, Matt Seel

Unify the Church

We're all called to unity, regardless of denomination, race, culture, socioeconomic status, language, and on and on. This panel will discuss these larger-scale topics and how we can work toward unity in the capital C "Church," abandoning mere coexistence in pursuit of something much more. 

On the panel: Brittany Carter Whitlow, Logan Haire, Terry Daniels, Josh Givens, Kristen Hicks, Sami Wilson

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