Feb 18, 2023, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Christ United Methodist Church ,
716 Cave Mill Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104, USA

The theme for 2023 is UNIFY. 

Some say our world is more divided than ever. The Church has a Biblical responsibility to be a unifying force in our homes, communities, cities, and beyond. We are called to unify ourselves with Christ, and unify with one another because of Christ. 

Join us to become a catalyst for a revolution of supernatural unity, starting in our worship ministries. 

*For groups of 4 or more, buy one group ticket, and email the list of your attendees' names & email addresses to RodEEllis@relayworship.com.

2023 sessions are coming soon. In the meantime, here were the sessions we had in 2022!


  1. Leading Up - Eric Haley 

  2. A Discipling Worship Ministry - Rod Ellis

  3. Participation vs. Performance - Melissa Bull

  4. Vocals for Guys - Gerald Chafin

  5. Vocals for Gals - Emma Tuggle

  6. Acoustic Guitar Class - Eric Self

  7. Bass Guitar Class - Craig Johnson

  8. Electric Guitar Class - Jared Rosdeutscher

  9. Piano for Worship - Brittany Gatlin-Lloyd

  10. Drums for Worship - Webb Hendrix 

  11. Getting Started with Sound - Timmy Clark

  12. Camera Basics - Ben Norrod

  13. Intro to Ableton - Michael Nichols

  14. Getting Started with Song Writing  - Bethany Oakes

  15. Build a CHURCH Social Media Platform - Jordan Talley


  1. Leading a Rhythm Section Rehearsal - Eric Haley

  2. A Discipling Worship Ministry - Rod Ellis

  3. Develop Students as Church Leaders - Melissa Bull

  4. Acoustic Guitar MasterClass - Eric Self

  5. Bass Guitar MasterClass - Craig Johnson

  6. Electric Guitar MasterClass - Jared Rosdeutscher

  7. Drums for Worship - Webb Hendrix

  8. Spontaneous Worship  - Bethany Oakes

  9. Vocals for Guys MasterClass - Gerald Chafin

  10. Vocals for Gals - Emma Tuggle

  11. Advanced Sound - Timmy Clark

  12. Creating Original Videos - Ben Norrod

  13. Next steps with Ableton - Michael Nichols

  14. Build a PERSONAL Social Media Platform - Jordan Talley