Feb 18, 2023, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Christ United Methodist Church,
716 Cave Mill Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104, USA

The theme for 2023 is UNIFY. 

Some say our world is more divided than ever. The Church has a Biblical responsibility to be a unifying force in our homes, communities, cities, and beyond. We are called to unify ourselves with Christ, and unify with one another because of Christ. 

Join us to become a catalyst for a revolution of supernatural unity, starting in our worship ministries. 

*For groups of 4 or more, buy one group ticket, and email the list of your attendees' names & email addresses to RodEEllis@relayworship.com.

2023 sessions are coming soon. In the meantime, here were the sessions we had in 2022!


  1. Leading Up - Eric Haley 

  2. A Discipling Worship Ministry - Rod Ellis

  3. Participation vs. Performance - Melissa Bull

  4. Vocals for Guys - Gerald Chafin

  5. Vocals for Gals - Emma Tuggle

  6. Acoustic Guitar Class - Eric Self

  7. Bass Guitar Class - Craig Johnson

  8. Electric Guitar Class - Jared Rosdeutscher

  9. Piano for Worship - Brittany Gatlin-Lloyd

  10. Drums for Worship - Webb Hendrix 

  11. Getting Started with Sound - Timmy Clark

  12. Camera Basics - Ben Norrod

  13. Intro to Ableton - Michael Nichols

  14. Getting Started with Song Writing  - Bethany Oakes

  15. Build a CHURCH Social Media Platform - Jordan Talley


  1. Leading a Rhythm Section Rehearsal - Eric Haley

  2. A Discipling Worship Ministry - Rod Ellis

  3. Develop Students as Church Leaders - Melissa Bull

  4. Acoustic Guitar MasterClass - Eric Self

  5. Bass Guitar MasterClass - Craig Johnson

  6. Electric Guitar MasterClass - Jared Rosdeutscher

  7. Drums for Worship - Webb Hendrix

  8. Spontaneous Worship  - Bethany Oakes

  9. Vocals for Guys MasterClass - Gerald Chafin

  10. Vocals for Gals - Emma Tuggle

  11. Advanced Sound - Timmy Clark

  12. Creating Original Videos - Ben Norrod

  13. Next steps with Ableton - Michael Nichols

  14. Build a PERSONAL Social Media Platform - Jordan Talley