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Feb 15, 2025, 8:00 AM
Location is TBD

Here's some information on our conference for 2024. Check back later on details for
next year!

The theme for 2024 was Empower. 

em·pow·er: give someone the authority or power to do something.

Jesus told us that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. The task set out for us is not an easy one, and we cannot and will not do it alone. Together, we explored the profound implications and tangible manifestations of living empowered lives through Christ.

KEynote speaker: Rita Springer


April Nicole Scipio- Empowered to Rest
Sheri Gould- Vocal Technique
Doug Gould- Tech Talk
Trey Daniel- The Inner Life of a Worship Leader

Blake Mason- Stage Presence
Rod Ellis- God Empowers Worship

Tom Seel- Breakout #1 Choir Rehearsal for SKyPAC. Breakout #2 Leading from the Second Chair.


Empowering the Marginalized

This year we've cut to just one panel session in order to be able to dive deep and wide. In our churches, we've become pretty great at serving the "many," but sometimes the "fewer" can fall through the cracks. Maybe we don't know what to do or how to do it, or honestly, maybe we forget about them. Join us in discussing how we can better serve our brothers and sisters who think, speak, or move differently than us. Specifically, we'll talk about better loving immigrants, those with special needs, and those battling addiction. 

Panel members: Israel Vargas, Carly Carey, Darla Day hosted by April Scipio 

2024 Program link

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