relay worship conference

02.18.2023 | Bowling Green, KY


8.00a - 8.30a - Registration
8.30a - 9.00a - Opening Worship led by the Relay Team
9.00a - 9.45a - Keynote 1: UNIFY!
9.45a - 10.30a - Panel Discussion: UNIFY your church
10.30a - 11.00a - Break
11.00a - 11.45a - Breakout Session #1
12.00p - 1.00p - Lunch (Food Trucks!)
1.00p - 1.15p - Worship: College & High School Team
1.15p - 2.00p - Panel Discussion: UNIFY The Church
2.15p - 3.00p - Breakout Session #2
3.15p - 4.00p - Keynote 2: UNIFY!
4.00p - 4.30p - Closing Worship led byTitus Chapman and Relay's SKyPAC choir
4.30p Benediction

Image by Peter Gargiulo



There are hundreds of churches within 100 miles of Bowling Green, Kentucky that need Godly thoughtful, capable, anointed worship leaders. Nationwide there are thousands and thousands in need.


A small team of local worship leaders has felt called to address this prayerfully and have taken steps to help the worship leaders in South Central Kentucky. They created a conference that brings the best local leaders in their craft

The conference is a one-day experience taking place among a full time community where existing and aspiring pastors, worship leaders, musicians, tech team, or any Jesus followers wanting to learn more come together to learn vital skills difficult to find anywhere else. Varying levels of experience are absolutely welcome, as the conference is prepared to grow everyone, from newbies who have barely touched a microphone, guitar, or sound board to seasoned leaders and gurus looking to refine their skills or expand their horizons. 



Johnny Douglas, St. James UMC - Choir Director

"Relay Worship Conference provided our team with guidance and the knowledge to bring our Worship team into the 21st century! We will be definitely coming back next year"


Rachel Hill, Caleb Company
(Nashville, TN)

"The people of Relay Worship reminded me of who I am. They reminded me that I have gifts and talents to offer to the world, for the glory of God"



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